What I Eat in a Day

So today is the beginning of the food tracking with Fitbit (more on the actual Fitbit at a later date). This food diary is for a Tuesday, a day when I’m off school and spend the day looking after baby Rose. Not having such a strict schedule in terms of where I need to be and when on these days usually leads to a few slip ups. Not to mention that nap time is great for sitting with a cup of tea and some biscuits.

This is how I faired today.

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What I Eat In A Week – food tracking Week 1

Weight at the beginning of the week: 10st 9 1/2lbs

Since my operation (and a little bit before if I’m honest with myself) I’ve been slipping back into old habits with eating and I’m determined to put a stop to it. This week I’ve been tracking my food with My Fitness Pal (an app on my phone) and it’s made me much more aware of what exactly I’m consuming in a day. It’s all too easy for me to think ‘oh I’ll just have this, I’ve not been too bad today’, when actually I’ve been really bad I’ve just forgotten. Writing everything down and scanning things into the app has made me pause and consider whether those extra calories now are worth cutting something out later. Usually they aren’t.


Monday (1754 calories)
Breakfast: homemade muesli with almond milk
Lunch: Santini tomato side salad from M&S, harissa chicken with couscous salad from M&S, packet of sweet coconut and vanilla popcorn
Dinner: Deliciously Ella’s vegetable paella, red pepper bread from M&S, mango sorbet and a sneaky bit of chocolate cake for pudding.

Monday went ok up until dinner time. We had family round and I felt rude not saying no to cake (which is perhaps just an excuse).



Tuesday (1656 calories)

Breakfast: homemade muesli with almond milk
Lunch: leftover risotto from the night before, strawberries
Afternoon snack: 2 nectarines
Dinner: chicken tikka masala with rice (and a sneaky bit of plain naan) at an Indian restaurant

Mr Rose’s brother has been home for a couple of days and we went out for a surprise birthday meal for him to an Indian.


Wednesday (1454 calories)
Breakfast: homemade muesli with almond milk
Lunch: coronation chicken jacket potato with side salad
Afternoon snack: a bowl of strawberries
Dinner: homemade muesli with almond milk and a chocolate bar

Mr Rose was out at a work do tonight and after a day of baby I didn’t want to make a nice dinner for me. I settled for muesli as a quick and easy option and then couldn’t resist some chocolate because I’m tired, in pain and hormonal!



Thursday (1265 calories)

Breakfast: homemade muesli with almond milk
Lunch: Santini tomato side salad from M&S, harissa chicken with couscous salad from M&S, pineapple
Dinner: king prawn lime coriander pesto pasta

I wasn’t particularly hungry today, so didn’t eat very much. I’m still really tired after my operation so spent some time snoozing on the sofa today.



IMG_0499Friday (1739 calories)
Breakfast: homemade muesli with almond milk
Lunch: a ham and mustard sandwich and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps (shamefully)
Dinner: health spaghetti carbonara (with added olives which I wouldn’t recommend!) and pineapple for pudding

I had a follow up appointment at the hospital today and realised I hadn’t had any lunch and by 3pm I was starving. I just grabbed a sandwich and crisps from the hospital canteen in the 10 minutes I had. Not the healthiest option, but I tried to choose a low-calorie one.



Saturday (I didn’t count calories today)

Breakfast: homemade muesli with almond milk
Morning snack: strawberries with a few squares of chocolate
Lunch: half a baguette, a banana
Dinner: one pot spiced chicken (recipe to follow soon)
Pudding: oat and raisin cookie (recipe to follow soon) and some raspberries

The reins came off a little today and I enjoyed a few tasty treats. Everything in moderation.



Sunday (I didn’t count calories today)

Breakfast: homemade muesli with almond milk
Lunch: Cheese and ham panini
Afternoon snack: strawberry ice-cream in a waffle cone
Dinner: tandoori spiced quinoa (recipe to follow soon)




Summary of the week: everything goes really well and then goes tits up at the weekend! It’s been an unusual week with people coming over for dinner and going out (we hardly ever do that anymore!) so I’m hoping next week will be a little more balanced and I’m back at work which will help with the lunch situation.

I don’t know if other parents find this, but we often go out with baby Rose at the weekend to places and I find it’s much harder to get something healthy to eat there. I need the weather to get a bit warmer and then we can start taking picnics.

Overall I’m quite pleased, especially with how things went in the week. One more on-track week and I’ll be rewarding myself with something from the shops!

Have a healthy week.

Around the Corner Fitness.

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