Wireless Headphones – Hit or Miss?


I chuckled to myself when Mr Rose purchased a pair of wireless headphones a couple of years ago. He used to run the lead up the inside of his T-shirt and didn’t like the subsequent chaffing. ‘Why would he want a pair of those?’ I thought to myself. ‘Surely he realises he looks like a mash-up between a runner and a business man’. You could just imagine him on his run screaming, ‘Buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell’ as he pounded the streets.

Fast forward a couple of years and several hundred miles under my belt and I realised exactly why he wanted a pair of wireless headphones: wired ones are a pain in the backside! I’d spent so many runs getting my arms stuck and fighting with them that I’d had enough. A pair of wireless headphones went on my Christmas list and oh the irony, Mr Rose bought them for me!

Now I’m not going to pretend I know much about technology. I requested a pair that didn’t look too businessman like, that had a good battery life and that were comfortable to wear. Fairly standard I thought. The ones that I’ve got are the VTIN Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sports Headphones. They were so easy to install, I just turned on the Bluetooth on my iPhone and it connected automatically. They also have a really good battery life (I’ve had to charge them once since Christmas so far) and the sound quality is really quite impressive from a pair of headphones that didn’t cost the Earth. Mr Rose knows all about this kind of thing and if he says they’re good I’ll take his word for it.

In terms of actually wearing them, I’m hooked. There’s no more faffing around getting caught in the wires. Just click a button and you’re done. I can even tuck them underneath my running headband so I don’t look quite like such a super nerd!

Wireless headphones – hit or miss?

Definitely a hit.

I take everything back that I said about them before. I wouldn’t swap them for the world. I particularly like that they have buttons on the earphones themselves – you don’t even have to stop to turn them on/off or answer a phone call. The only sight hiccup with them is their dowdiness. If you have any recommendations of any prettier ones let me know!

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