What I Eat in a Day

So today is the beginning of the food tracking with Fitbit (more on the actual Fitbit at a later date). This food diary is for a Tuesday, a day when I’m off school and spend the day looking after baby Rose. Not having such a strict schedule in terms of where I need to be and when on these days usually leads to a few slip ups. Not to mention that nap time is great for sitting with a cup of tea and some biscuits.

This is how I faired today.

45g of Alpen Oat Granola (blueberry, cranberry and raspberry version)
3 tablespoons of Yeo Valley Natural Yoghurt
1/2 a mango chopped into chunks
A handful of red grapes

300g of Tesco’s Spanish Chicken & Rice soup
2/3 of a part baked baguette
An apple

Chinese chicken with rice noodles (recipe to feature shortly)

None today. This isn’t usually the case, but I didn’t have much time to myself today as it turned out.

3 cups of tea
1 glass of water
1 cup of green tea

Total calories for the day according to the Fitbit: 1,681 (not including the milk in the tea)
Total calories expended today according to the Fitbit: 2,159

Overall, not a bad day. This dinner isn’t as many calories as I normally would eat for dinner, but it was something quick and easy to cook after an evening of English tutoring.
Happy, healthy eating.

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